DARAQ is a project for Luxury Villas, the meaning here is arabic is ” Dar = Home ” and ” Raq = Elegant “, so the concept here is to reflect the the ” Door Knocker ” in a luxury style.


Thiqah in arabic means Confidence, Trust, Truth, so the infinity in arabic mood that shows different meanings while you rotate the icon / logo will keep the main meaning..Thiqah is for sub-company for ministry of commerce in saudi arabia.



Tawasul is the program to help many people to get the latest technology easly, and to communicate with others in modern way.. the concept was mixing the main categories or channels of Tawasul and the bubble or the communications.

The project thru PHI Communications on 2014.



Tadawul “Saudi Stock Market”, Riyadh. Wall Dressing, Created from main logo, the pictures are from the location after installation, the project was thru Marketise.


Naba is a Company for education development. The concept is to show the meaning in Arabic “Naba = Fountain”, so the icon here is reflecting the splash of water that coming from earth to up, the colors is reflecting the multi aims that we are working on. on different levels and ages.
The project contains many and many items, that include CID, Signages systems, Indoor and outdoor, Brochures and Magazines.. etc.
The project was created on 2013.